The following quotes were taken out of letters sent after their investigation  ended.

" Your resources seem limitless...any work that we have in the Central  Region we will look to you to handle it for us. "
From Wells Fargo Investigative Services;

"Upon conclusion of the investigation, he ( Diamond ) set up systems to help us prevent further occurrences of this nature."
Accurate Leather Co. Ltd

" Your ability to recognize the shortcomings in our security systems will be of enormous benefit in the future".
A. Daigger & Company

  " Arnie has proven to be conscientious, thorough and flexible. He came to us highly recommended and he has certainly fulfilled that recommendation"
Lettuce Entertain You  Enterprises,  Inc.

"Your  professionalism and thoroughness enabled us to identify our personnel  problems without disturbing the fabric of our company's personnel  relationships.''
Autohaus on Edens, Inc.

(847) 677-0007


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